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She claimed that people who spend their days watching BBM do not have lives, and this happened.


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People that watch BigBrother all day won't get live TV, according to a woman titled My Dick Hard on Twitter. The people was unsatisfied with this. Mazulu Dlamini claims she made all of the mistakes. She claims to be a chartered accountant who works full-time and watches it full-time. She claims she has reports to finish, board meetings to plan, and proposals to write. She stated that she was unable to comprehend what Dick was saying. They claim to be able to view it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because they paid for their DSTV subscription on their own.

Some of them work smart; they work from home, have a television at work that they paid for with their own money, and pay for DSTV with their own money, resulting in a lifestyle that is very different from his. Life, according to one of them, is not a mission. People breathe the same air, yet they have different preferences, according to him. He advises her to leave folks who can be alone if her schedule does not allow her to observe all day.

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