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RIP: Here Is The List Of 10 South African Musicians Who Died Too Soon

These are the names of the ten South African artists that died much too soon.

1. R Mashesha is an abbreviation for R Mashesha.

R Mashesha was a member of the award-winning Durban Kwaito Band, headquartered in Durban and better known as Big Nuz, which won many awards.

Big Nuz, which was founded in 2002, is widely regarded as having successfully revived Kwaito at a time when the genre was on the verge of extinction. When Big Nuz heard that Umlilo had been awarded the Zima prize in Zimbabwe, they immediately stamped their dominance on the regional scene.

The MTN South African Music Honors, which took place during the 2010 Music Awards Season, bestowed three awards on the party. Umlilo was also the recipient of the ZIMA award (for "Best Hit Song Club") in the neighboring country of Zimbabwe.

People began to wonder about Umlilo's well-being shortly after his platinum-selling album became popular, prompting them to wonder whether he was suffering from any health issues.

The vocalist passed away in August 2015 following a lengthy illness, and the group has not been particularly popular since, with the surviving members concentrating on their own careers.

2. Lundi Tyamara

He was a gospel artist from South Africa who passed away recently. He was well-known for exposing gospel music to a new audience via his creative flair, as well as for bringing thousands of people closer to Heaven through his ministry. When he was a youngster, Tyamara began working as a backup vocalist for gospel singer Rebecca Malope, which led to a long and successful musical career.

Over the course of his career, the singer has released 11 studio albums and has established himself as one of just a handful of South African artists who have sold more than one million copies of their albums, with each release going double platinum in sales.

In gospel music, he was frequently referred to as the "bad boy," yet he worked hard to turn his life around until he died away. Lundi passed away in January 2017 at the age of 38 due to stomach TB.

3. Flabba

South African hip hop musician Flabba was a member of the Skwatta Kamp hip hop ensemble, which is widely regarded as the founding group of South African hip hop. Flabba was born in Johannesburg and grew up in Johannesburg.

The rapper released his first solo album, "Nkuli vs. Flabba," in 2007, which was nominated for a South African Music Award for "Best Rap Album." At the age of 37, he passed away on March 9, 2015, after suffering a fatal knife wound after an altercation with his mother.

It was alleged by the detectives that his girlfriend stabbed him because she was envious of the fact that he was chatting to an ex-lover at the time.

4. MandozaMandoza | Discography | Discogs

A South African musician most known for his contribution to the Kwaito business, Mandoza passed away in 2013. He had a number of successful songs, including "Nkalakatha," which peaked at the top of the charts in South Africa and across the rest of the African continent.

In 2004, the Nkalakatha hitmaker was rated 77th on the list of the top 100 most influential people in South Africa. Following his cancer struggle, Mandoza passed away in September 2016 at the age of 38 after losing his battle. Only a week before his death, the Kwaito icon performed at a national event, which served as his last farewell to his adoring fans.

Ayanda Ncwane to dispel 'untruths' about Sfiso's life in tell-all book5. Sifiso Ncwane is a musician from South Africa.

Sfiso Ncwane was a gospel singer, author, and producer who was generally regarded as one of South Africa's all-time best gospel singers. He was also a prolific novelist and producer. The Gospel musician was seen as someone who shared his blessings with others who were less fortunate, which may explain why his fans followed his career and continued to assist him in his endeavors.

He died in 2015 while performing in Swaziland after doctors informed him that there was nothing more they could do and that he was doomed to death. Following his survival, he asked his pastor to make a plea to God on his behalf, and he followed this up by purchasing a 2015 Mercedes-Benz pastor for R1.9 million.

Unfortunately, Sfiso passed away in December 2016 after being diagnosed with renal failure in August. The death of Sfiso was shrouded in mystery and conjecture, and litigation filed against him over his assets resulted in his family fighting in arbitration.

Film about ProKid's life put on ice6. Prokid

ProKid was a South African rapper and producer who was widely regarded as one of the most important artists of his age. At the height of his success, he produced six albums, with Heads and Tales being widely regarded as one of the most important recordings in the history of almost hip-hop.

In 2006, he co-presented the dance performance Jika Ma Jika, which aired on SABC1. Later on, he would create his own brand, which he would call "Dankie San," after his well-known stage name. He died on August 8, 2018, after having a seizure while visiting a friend. He was 39 years old at the time of his death.

Before his death, he had signed with Mabala Noise and had spoken about releasing new songs in order to get back into the game.

SA house kingpin Bojo Mujo dies | Music In Africa7. Bojo Muja

Bujo Mujo worked as a guitarist and producer in the same building as the band. Despite the fact that Bujo Mujo was a multi-platinum seller, his inventiveness was hardly recognized by the general public. The hitmaker of Hlonolofatsa acknowledged that he had never received the recognition he deserved, but he maintained that this did not bother him.

His many songs, including Summer Storm, Hlonolofatsa, and Thando Lwami, created ripples across the area. Bujo Mujo died in January 2015, 36 years after suffering respiratory failure. His burial received little publicity since he died on the same day as Simba Mhere, who was the most prominent presenter on the show.

Remembering HHP: A tribute to a music legend | Channel8. HHP

HHP was a multi-award-winning wordswako rap musician who is credited with establishing South African hip-hop on the international stage. Many Motswako rappers, including Cassper Nyovest, Khuli Chana, and Fifi Cooper, have credited him for paving the road for them.

In a 2016 Internet radio interview with CliffCentral, HHP stated that he had attempted suicide three times within a year after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, HHP passed away on Wednesday, October 24, 2018, while attempting his fourth time to save his life.

Lucky Dube - Wikipedia9. Lucky Dube

South African reggae singer Lucky Dube was one of the most well-known South African artists outside of South Africa, and he was also one of the most successful. Over the course of his 25-year career, Lucky Dube recorded 22 albums and established himself as South Africa's greatest and most successful reggae musician. Fortunate Dube was dubbed "better than the Beatles" in Australia, where he performed.

On October 18, 2007, Lucky Dube was fatally shot by gunmen who were following him in his car. The three suspects were convicted and sentenced to life in prison after their conviction.

BRENDA FASSIE: A COMPILATION - Shades Of Noir10. Brenda Fassie

Brenda Fassie was a South African afro-pop artist and composer who was born in Johannesburg. Brenda Fassie is the most well-known South African artist from the Mzansi borderlands. Brenda was featured in a three-page special in the American Time magazine in 2001, and she was called "The Madonna of the Townships" in the publication.

Brenda fasciae were put into a coma after taking a heroin overdose that resulted in heart arrest and brain damage, according to her family. Fassie was visited in the hospital by members of her late first family, Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, and Thabo Mbeki, who died on 9 May 2004 at the age of 39 and was predeceased by Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela.

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