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JubJub Claims That It Was Because Of Kelly's Muthi That He Broke Up With Amanda, But There's More

Well, there comes a time when one reflects on some of the decisions that he or she made in the past, surely Jub Jub can never say that he totally regrets hooking up with singer Kelly Khumalo.

Jub Jub shares a child with Kelly and that will always be a blessing to him, he has mentioned continuously that, he wants what is best for his son and respects Kelly for looking out for him. And this is one of the few good things that Jub Jub will probably forever cherish about the relationship that he had with Kelly.

South Africa now knows that, Jub Jub had no intention to be serious with Kelly, he probably thinks that, some of the main challenges that he is faced with today are there because of Kelly. He said it publicly last night that he is unable to be there for his son as he would want to because of the differences between him and Kelly.

And this can be frustrating for the father, Jub Jub wants to be present in his son's life, and for the sake of the child, it is only fair that Kelly allows Jub Jub to be there for his son.

However, this is not to say that Jub Jub is innocent in all of this because he is definitely not, people need to remember that there is Kelly's side of the story which is still untold. One thing that stood out was her alleged use of Muthi and according to what Jub Jub revealed, it was because of this that his relationship with actress Amanda du Pont ended.

Now, there are people who have a better understanding of what Muthi is used for and how people fall under a love spell, so it is best that they shed light on this.

But, as South Africans, we know that it is a thing, people use Muthi for various reasons. For Jub Jub, even though he was not too direct about this, he mentioned that his relationship with Amanda ended because of Kelly's Muthi.

InInInInInInInInInInInThese accusations were met with mixed reactions, a lot of people pointed out that Jub Jub was putting a blame on everyone and not taking any accountability for his own doings. And again, it is necessary to hear what Kelly has to say about all the things that Jub Jub said about her.

What Jub Jub revealed does not really prove anything, even the child thing had people asking some questions. We get that, Jub Jub did some bad things in the past, but he paid the price and he intends on becoming a better person, the question is, why is Kelly, allegedly denying him access to the child?

Could it be that there is something Jub Jub did that we do not know about? Surely, Kelly understands that a son needs a father in his life, there are probably father figures around him, but it is different because the real father is still there.

At this point, it is probably best that we wait for Kelly's response and this is if she will even respond because she does not seem bothered by all of this.

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