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Dj Zintle is told she is arrogant after doing this to her fan see what she did and read comments

Ntombezinhle Jiyane (born December 30, 1983) is a South African DJ, producer, media personality, and businesswoman, who is better known by her stage name DJ Zinhle. Zinhle has also pursued an acting career. She made her on-screen debut as a judge in Jika MaJika, Idols South AfricaTurn It On, and 1's and 2' (2021) and appeared as a guest on the television series eKasi: Our Stories (2011), Play Your Part (2012), Tropika Island (2012), The Close Up, and Rhythm City.

It's some of the people's dream to meet their favorite celebrity one day, and some of them would do anythingg they can even pay money just to see them. But when they see them or meet them somewhere without paying anything to them it's a blessing, that's why you will see some of them ask to take a pictures with them. But some celebrities don't see it like that they probably don't see the importance of taking a picture with their fans.

And the reason why they like taking pictures with their favorite celebrities is that they want to show it to their friends, as we know you can't go and tell people you saw a celebrity and not have a picture or something to support your statement because they won't believe you.

DJ Zintle left people fuming after sharing a picture of a fan. What got people fuming is that the lady asked to take a picture with Dj Zintle but instead Dj Zintle decided to take a picture of the lady alone.

The way people were so angry they even called her arrogant as they felt that what she did was wrong why did she do what she did. She should have just said no instead of doing what she did, because people won't believe her. After all, it's obvious she didn't want to take the picture just for fun. But she probably wanted to show her friends she saw Dj Zintle but unfortunately, a single she didn't do what the lady wanted but what she thought was right.

One thing about people on social media is they will always try to find something wrong in many things especially when it comes to celebrities they would always make sure they find something wrong a reason to drag them.

DJ Zintle had her reasons why she did what she did, and no one knows that reason but the fact that she took the picture and shared it on her social media account should count for something. If she is a real fan she will see this picture and show it to her friends. Sometimes as people we should learn to always see the positivity in situations not rush to see the negative in every situation.

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