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Uzalo: Nkunzi is going to get married to Sphilile

Nkunzi is now turning up the tables for his son Sibonelo after what he did to his father's wife Mazaza. Now it's Nkunzi's chance to return the favor and take Sphilile from him.

Eversince Nkunzi got his power back, he will make sure that everyone who let him down during his struggles and difficulties will pay and he has now all the ability to do that. Nkunzi will take Sphilile to hurt Sibonelo and remind him what happens when you take other people's wives.The history now repeats itself, Sibonelo took Nkunzi's wife and now it's his ray to realize the pain. Recently Nkunzi always wants to cheer up Sphilile and without doubt we can tell that she's really happy.Nonka already know how Nkunzi operates, so he couldn't dare touch her. Nonka is a very brilliant wife who only want what's best for his husband but Sibonelo is too blind to realize that.Sphilile looked Sibonelo in the eyes and told him that she can't be with him since he is poor, she will come back when his life has gone back to normal. Since Nkunzi is rich, he got the best opportunity to take Sphilile.

Will Sphilile be able to resist Nkunzi's plan?

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