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Themba from Big Brother Mzansi bought Mpho a cake and flowers for her birthday

Themba gets his girlfriend a cake

He surprised her at home in a car, and he gave her a cake and flowers. Mpho was very excited and told Themba that she is grateful. This has to be the best birthday ever. Themba really loves Mpho and they are always warming people's hearts.

Themba always brings the camera to take the best videos and pictures, because their fans love the content. I think it is a good idea for them to take videos and pictures for the memories. Themba really found the good woman, a woman with goals and ambitions.

It really shows that Mpho had a birthday that was different from other years. She has a lot to celebrate including her prize money. Themba bought her flowers with money, he knows that Mpho has money but he did this because he loves him. Mpho should be appreciated even more because she is precious.

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Mpho Themba


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