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Boniswa finally got exposed

It was nice watching Boniswa posing as Lizzie but fellow Scandal viewers, that Lizzy part has just began.

Mambas body guard has never liked Lizzie ever since she came to the house and since then he has been looking for for the evidence that will prove that Lizzie is not real and that she is lying about her identity.

I think he is jealous but either way Boniswa was tired of cleaning yesterday not knowing that the bodyguard was watching her ,she did check if there was no one watching her not knowing that someone was watching her very closely.

Mambas bodyguard then took Lizzies pictures while she was trying to get some rest them went to confirm with the evidence he already has . He will then present the evidence to Mamba, although Mamba is fond of Lizzie ,I'm sure he will be so angry to learn that the lady whom he fell inlove with is not real but an imposter.

What will he do anyway ?,will he fire Lizzy ?I dont think so,Lizzy will surely try to explain her story then pack her bags and go. Mamba will then follow her and forgive her.

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