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I pray for peace in Reeva and Oscar's families as they are preparing for victim-offender dialogue


We have real criminals roaming the streets with blue light cars and nothing happens to them when they keep killing our country. Atleast Oscar did something good for the country, he has paid his price let him come back home he deserves another chance in life. The dead will never come back to life but their killers get paroles and 2nd chances in this world his worldly justice! I don't know why such cases take so long before putting the bustards in jail  killing someone it's not a joke some people are suspects, only found in possession of guns or drugs but already they are rotting in jail wat more of this blood shed

I don't have a problem with Oscar's second chance but what about Riva's family how do they feel about this. But I pray for peace in the families may those who are going through hardship get full comfort from the Lord, let peace reign in our land. No abuse to kids and women killings must stop

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Oscar Reeva


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