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Make-Up: See How They Made Most Of The Scariest Characters In 22 Popular Movies (Photos)

The movie industry is one of the industries that heavily relies on makeup, and makeup artists have made significant contributions to the industry over the years by assisting filmmakers in achieving their desired characters. Most of the scary characters we see in movies aren't real; they're just regular people who use makeup to change their appearance.

Professional makeup artists have been praised for using their practical skills to transform actors into monsters or fantastical beings, or to give them noticeably high-fashion makeup treatments, since the dawn of film and television.

Professional makeup artists for cinema and television, particularly those that specialize in special effects makeup, excite me with their inventive abilities. Their ability to turn human faces into aliens or bloody, gore-covered victims necessitates a level of artistry and focus that can take years to master.

However, I've gathered images of how some of our favorite movie characters are created, so you can see the faces behind them.

(1) American horror story series

(2) Mrs Doubtfire

(3) Coming to America

(4) Game of Thrones.

(5) Crinson peak

(6) Darkest hour

(7) The Hobbit

(8) Batman returns

(8) The Avengers

10. Terminator

(11) Deadpool 2

(12) Lord of the rings

13) Hellboy

14) Beetlejuice

15) Planet of the apes


17) Mask

18) Black Mass

19) X-Men

20) It

21) Oz the great and powerful

22) Cinema Twain

Are you astounded? What are your thoughts on this professional makeup artist's work? Please write a remark in the space provided below. Thank you very much!

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