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Mzansi's Left Stitches After A Lady That Went To #SengKhathele Dump Her Boyfriend After He Did This

Source: Hashtag #SengKhathele Twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161

A serial cheater is a man. Whether you're honest or not, they can cheat. Katlego went all out to take care of a lover who is cheating with the neighbor next door on today's episode of #smSengKhathele, which was incredibly upsetting.

This demonstrates that even if you spoil a man, he will still cheat. Men are self-centered by nature. Also, from Thato to Vitoto to Vusi, he is incapable of lying. That was a test I would have aced hands down. Vusi has something very unique, but he decides to squander it in a matter of minutes because of friends, fun, and the constant. Katlego takes care of him in every way: she pays his rent, buys him food, dresses him up, and even gives him money.

Vusi has a long way to go in his development. Katlego must give with an open heart so that she does not have to constantly remind her future partners that she is helping them. When a woman has had enough of a cheating man, she will leave.

"I'm your supply, I'm your blesser," Katlego says.

Vusi had been shirking her responsibilities as a partner and father. Due to Vusi's busy schedule, they only go to tlof tlof once a week. Katlego and Vusi's meeting story sounds like a staged humiliation. However, one cannot be in a relationship if the hearts of the other partners aren't involved.

Your relationship will be doomed if your friends do not respect you and the person you are dating. She should leave the man in the room and go somewhere else. They have Van and Sit difficulties even though they are young. Katlego must flee Vusi before he infects the rest of the family.

Source: Hashtag #SengKhathele Twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161

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