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Tweets react to last nights episode of #DiepCity

It already an award winning series to alot of viewers DiepCity has kept it coming from the start.As new people are coming.But it too early for that.

Last nights episode was rather emotional,Yet than again it was a Friday.It expected to be emotional.

We’ve got you covered on what’s happening tonight.If you missed out on it,Do watch it on Catch Up,Omnibus is going to be tomorrow,Sunday morning.As Themba makes fun of Snenhlanhla for wanting to change her life and improve it more and that starts by her rewritting matric.

Zola made a phone call to the hitman.But did she really mess up by describing what car did Mgedeza drove,Instead of showing him the picture.But than again it did not end well last night on the episode.The whole community of Dieploot were shook to witness such trauma.

The Mgedeza family are really going through it right now,Khumo just found love,It would be sad that her aunt Maureen last convo.Was her shouting at him for being intimate with Lungi instead of studying.But he knew she loved him.Khumo was hit by a car by one of the Hitman,Zola sent to kill Mgedeza.

Do you think this the end for Khumo

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