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Top DJ Exposed For Partying With 14-Year-Olds. Find Out

The best DJ to party with 14-year-olds According to reports, these girls are missing B The top Amapiano DJ Busta 929 was exposed for allegedly having a party with a 14-year-old teenager. After the DJ was exposed by a sister who was allegedly a girl through a popular gossip page called Hot And Served on Instagram, social media went into a frenzy.

.Apparently, the girls discovered that Umsebenzi popular producer Wethu was giving a concert at Rooftop Mohlakeng. As fans of DJs, they decided to go to the party, and since then, the obvious sister claimed that Busta took them to Thornton, and has never heard from them since. When they appeared in Busta 929's Instagram Live video, they decided to take action on her "disappearance".

Allegedly, Busta spent more than 5 days with these teenagers. "My little sister and her friend went to Rooftop Mohlakeng on Saturday because Busta 929 was performing there. It is said that he took them to Sandton. We have been worried about them all the time. Apparently they even went to Live with Busta in the live video. "Children You can go home at the age of 14," read some of the messages posted on the gossip page.

The page then shared a video from IG Live, in which about 3 girls were drinking and dancing with the DJ, and one of them was covered by a towel. One of the girls even solved the problem on Facebook, saying that they were just mixing with Busta 929 so that they could realize their dreams. In a now-deleted Facebook post, he said that Busta had a girlfriend and that what people said was far from the truth. "You will still see me live and take pictures because that is where my dreams come true.

I have already said part of me, you can continue to say anything, but wait for the second episode, I have not finished yet," the post said . Since then, people have shared their views on the whole issue, and some have expressed sympathy for Busta, saying that she may not know they are minors. Others want it to cancel.

Many people criticized poor parenting, saying that 14-year-old teenagers are not even allowed to be around the club and parents should be strict with their daughters. "What if Busta 929 doesn't know that these girls are 14 years old? What if these girls lie about their age?

We judge and cancel people too fast in this app, but both parties who hear the story are fair .. Many people say that these girls are very young as you can see from the video. What do you think, or my eyes? "A user asked. "Haha so if BUSTA says" Yeah I don't know her age so I stayed the whole weekend "should we go ahead and forget about everything? Just because BUSTA? A story on the one hand, these are kids !!! Minors !!! Minors under 18 years old !!!

The other was sentenced. "Busta 929 A famous Amapiano artist is busy inviting 14-year-olds to his home and exposing them to the substance, as you can see in the video. The girl was wrapped in a towel, so God knows what else happened. Rape and exposing minors to drugs are serious crimes," another person hypothesised. DJ has not yet commented on this incident.


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