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CONGRATULATIONS Zahara on her new journey

20 October 2021

Writer: Sphe J Hadebe

Johannesburg- Congratulations are in order for the multi award winning musician, Zahara on her new journey.

She has a much bigger and bold step in her life of which some of her counter part in the industry have already taken it. Here in Mzansi Celebrity News ©, we are excited to see her going on this journey and without a doubt it will be much of a success.

This award winning musician Zahara Mtukutana has been making waves in the music industry since she ventured into the scene in 2011 with her album, Loliwe, which went multi platinum sale.

If you have been following her on her socials, you would have noticed that she hinted on a big announcement and today she made that announcement.


It is actually unbelievable as what started off as compliments about her hair has now turned into a business for Zahara.

Speaking about the idea of this hairline, she said fans had always complimented her hair, so it felt natural to be involved in the hair product industry.

According to the musician, the haircare brand was her first business. She said she was a 50% co-owner of the haircare range. She didn’t want to mention the company that she co-owns it with.

“They called me up while I was singing on stage and said they wanted us to do business and create a haircare range as I had beautiful hair. That is how the journey started.

This is my first baby and comes from me. I used natural ingredients, there are no chemicals in my products,” she said.

Zahara said she wanted to launch hair products that she identified with. “The haircare products are for natural hair. I have never relaxed my hair. I have always used natural oils and warm water.”

She said the hair brand consists of shampoo, conditioner, and afro oil. While she didn’t want to reveal the retail price of the products, she said the range would be affordable to everyone.

She said she hired a team to help her with the business.

“All I ask is for people to go and try the products. They will work.”

Zahara encouraged people to who want to start a business to go out and do it as she also revealed that she has a perfume Cong out soon and she also sells sanitizers who are not part of the hair range.


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