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You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink:Hlelo and Gabisile on Uzalo [Opinion]


The story line of Gabisile trying to change Hlelo on the Telenovela Uzalo is very twisted.Hlelo is portrayed as someone who has endured a lot of hardships and even when she is at the place whereby she can embrace new life yet she is still struggling with her past.It is still part of her no matter how Gabisile tries to sell her the fancy life and luxury,Hlelo seems to be stuck in her past.

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Maybe taking one step at a time with Hlelo would help her but now giving and introducing everything to her at once, it can make her feels like an allian.The writers and the producers of this show are teaching one thing that no matter how hard you can try to change someone it can not happen over night.Hlelo’s character is realistic and relevant to people as one can relate to Hlelo,even by referring to someone who has the same issue.However Hlelo’s mental health is of the utmost importance.If her mind can be renewed and introduced to this new lifestyle her body would automatically adjust to the environment.As always Gabisile like most African parents she doesn’t even consider therapy for her.It is ironic how mental health is always not considered first.

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Again the writers have shown what is the reality in most African homes ,as mental health is hardly spoken about let alone being an option for someone’s behavior.Gabisile’s issue is different as she knows this life as it has been her life before she became part of Hlelo’s village.While Hlelo has always known her life and has never been outside her home.This huge change is all new to her.See the link below to see what fans said after the last episode:

Photo Credit:Uzalo Twitter

Should she take accountability of her actions or she should be taught?Maybe the writers of the Telenovela will make a twist in her character and add mental health care as a solution besides making her work.Most people can be in new environments but suffer because of mindset.Indeed you can lead the horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

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