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Here's What Happened In Rhythm City, In Case You Missed It

Khulekani decided to pay Suffocate a visit from previous episode, Suffo was surprised to see him at his door in the middle of the night. Khulekani tried to explain why he needs his help but Suffo did not want to hear anything coming out of his mouth. Although Khulekani told Suffo Pastor Makoro wants to destroy their location, he still ask the security to chase him out.Mapula was quick to want to resign because of feeling guilty of disappointing Ziyanda. She apologized and ask for resignation, Ziyanda was surprised she did that. Ziyanda admitted that she was being hard on her, she wants Mapula to keep working in her company. Mapula decided to share her emotions with Ziyanda, Ziyanda even told her she is intelligent.Mapula goes out with Ziyanda, to talk about work. It looks like they are becoming best of friends at the moment. Mapula is so excited to have her job, that she almost lost. Mapula will be surprised to see Gift, on the next episode of Rhythm City.

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