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Music star on a huge transformation from correctional service

South African star Bricks, who is serving his sentence, is making a good appearance with a different transformation than he was better known for during his time before the court found him guilty. He is having a good time as he changed his clothing size. Even Jub Jub came back, no longer wearing the very same size.


One person who does not seem to gain weight is Israel Zulu, who has been out for a long time and is now one of the greatest actors in the country it has seen. He is most of the time playing a character that takes him back to a correctional facility in Pretoria, and he is playing it better than anyone at the moment.


According to Tisetso, the other guy with him is more stylish than Bricks. Both of them are looking good considering how limited they are when it comes to fashion. He has made a friend as they are able to take pictures together. When other members are out of the correctional system want their friends to do better.

What he is busy with at the corrections facility is not yet in the public domain, so surely he is doing something. Since he is a musician, surely he has someone who is into music just like him, and it is not known when he will make it out. When he was released, the media attention would be onto him.



1. Dominic: He is better now, he lost some weight after he gained more weight.

2. Neo: Prison or correctional services food makes them to be like that. It is because the food are streamed. Don't let them fool you, is not a nice place.

3. Tisetso: The other guy is to stylish for prison clothes.

4. Kidi: Our prisons are like BNB. Hence all legals prefer to be incarcerated in South Africa. He really looks better than he went to prison.


One person whom they had been close with is DJ Cleo, and surely they are still in contact with each other. The attention will be different because he is expected to be a different person as he has changed and rehabilitated. Many people have made their lives better when they got free.

What are your thoughts?

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