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Mantashe believes that he is under attack

Under attack, and how about the people living in shacks, learners in dilapidated infrastructure, patients in under equipped hospitals, children drowning in makeshift latrines and so forth and so on hungry families even suffering elderly? The list is endless you are having the time of your life fighting for the next billion in your bank account so that you can be wealthier in marerial and physique

Another one defending his fat salary whilst unemployment is sky high and people are living in poverty, they are busy aligning and fighting for their stomachs whilst the poor low class group is used to fight their battles, and will remain poor and unemployed what a sad state. Please inform the guy who's watching Bosasa cameras at your home to make sure that he doesn't left all cameras unattended so that he'll see that forces before entering by the gate. You need to fight back Baba like a Scorpion and please don't be like a cry baby

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Baba Bosasa Mantashe


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