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Most recent News| Moja love suspends Jub - Jub

Moja Love Tv has delivered an assertion to declare that they are suspending Jubjub in regards to the allegations of sexual orientation based savagery against Amanda Du Pont. Moja Love Tv likewise uncovered that they were not piece of the publication of MacG's webcast on Wednesday on Channel O. Jubjub thought he had it great on that meeting, not realizing that he is embroiling himself into more difficulty about his past connections. Moja Love was the main stage that had allowed him an opportunity to change and carry on with a superior life, yet lamentably he has not taken in a single thing from his previous slip-ups.

Jubjub has numerous shows on Moja Love which are cherished by many individuals, and continually moving every single evening. Things will not be the most ideal same for him. Individuals won't ever check out him the manner in which they use to. There are many individuals who have done slip-ups like him and never got open doors in life the manner in which he did, yet at the same time it was insufficient for him. The Moja Love Tv didn't say how long he will be suspended for, this implies that it is feasible for him to return to the screens very soon.

ub had the best things happening on his life, right when he escaped jail in 2012. There is no question that South Africans love to see him on TV. Jubjub might return to Moja Love TV subsequent to demonstrating his innocence, that is assuming he is as a rule erroneously blamed for the things they say about him on the media. Sex based viciousness isn't trifled with exceptionally in South Africa nowadays, whether or not you are liable once you are being blamed for such it is over for your profession.


Sources: Moja Love TV Twitter page

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