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DJ Lamiez mother proudly posed with her daughter sneakers, leaving Lamiez awl.

DJ Lamiez's mother proudly posed with her daughter's sneakers, leaving Lamiez awl.

It's an irrefutable reality that it's not just us as teenagers who desire to look gorgeous and slay in the latest fashion trends. Even our parents want to participate in order to feel youthful and energetic in whatever clothes we wear, as long as they are good and comfortable.

As our parents get older, they sometimes put restrictions on the things or clothes they wear in order to keep their dignity, they don't just put on whatever clothes that will make them look bad or make them a laughing stock.

They occasionally wear some of our clothes that they like and make sure they match them properly, just like Lamiez's mother.

Dj Lamiez is one of Mzansi's top DJs, and she is the wife of Mzansi rapper Khuli Chana. Lamiez is also a fashion guru.I believe that fashion runs in her family since she constantly makes sure that when she shares her fashion sense in public, it leaves people talking and drawn to her.

We've seen her in a number of occasions where her fantastic stylish attire left people speechless, and she received recognition for all of them.

Dj Lamiez owns a variety of shoes and sneakers from well-known brands, some of which she has shared photos of with her outfits.

She tweeted a photo of her mother wearing her sneakers today, claiming that she didn't ask for them and that she took them without her knowledge and put them on.DJ Lamiez's mother allegedly posed for a photo wearing her daughter's sneakers, which caught Lamiez off guard when she saw the photo on Instagram.

Lamiez captioned the photo, expressing her surprise at seeing her mother donning her kicks.The shoes are from @rootoffame, and we've seen a lot of celebrities wearing them. I'm sure Lamiez's mother wanted to feel comfortable in them as well,

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