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Secondary Education


A Student caught Twerking at school.

The video of some senior secondary school young ladies in an alleged twerking rivalry in Ghana has sprung up on the web and is becoming a web sensation over all web-based media stage. 

In the video, eight young ladies were seen twerking vivaciously, doing it to eclipse each other. 

In spite of the fact that the young ladies are not on uniform to help with their distinguishing proof, but rather as per the remarks on the video, it was said that the young ladies are a portion of the free SHS young ladies who are in the midst of a get-away. 

Responding to the post, beneath are some remark; 

"A few women in those days in SHS did comparative and most exceedingly terrible things. They weren't blessed to have smarts telephones those days for the entire world to perceive what they were doing , yet today web-based media is modest and famous. The most un-thing u do gets a ton of consideration. Its their time let them have a great time yet they ought not overlook the moment of retribution is coming." 

"On the off chance that u dnt be a terrible lady or kid in shs, at that point u won't be an awful lady or kid once more" 

"Web-based media negative side, is about time our administration need to take care of business to control the negative side that kids are being presented to." 

"They are the motivation behind why I need to come to Ghana… I heard they make life simple koraaa . Man should simply spend on them" 

With this demonstrations been pitched via web-based media, what do you believe is the destiny of this age? 

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