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Skeem Saam: Meikie stomps her foot and denies Zamokuhle's entitlement to Maputla's estate

Skeem Saam: Meikie stomps her foot and denies Zamokuhle's entitlement to Maputla's estate

While you're here, please follow me

No woman wants to wake up and discover that her husband has a child with her bestie. That can send any woman to the edge and for Meikie, the edge came with a few bullets directed to the said (Mantuli) bestie turned enemy; sending her straight into a wheelchair.

Maputla's intentions to want to add Zamo in his last will and testament is both considerate and selfish at the same time. On one end, he's trying to make amends for all the time he missed out on his son's life and ensuring that he too inherits his estate. On the other end, it's selfish to expect that his wife will take it lying down and understand where he is coming from. There is no way that Meikie is just going to understand that Maputla is trying to act like a noble father without feeling betrayed and robbed off her own children's inheritance!

I think that this is something he should have done without telling her because obviously she would not agree. Doing it in secret would have ultimately resulted in her hating him in death but at least Zamo would still be able to get his inheritance. If Maputla still needs to get consent from his wife and think she'll grant him, he will never do anything for Zamo. And whether his (Zamo) mother betrayed her best friend to conceive him, it still does not change the fact that Maputla is his father so he will naturally feel an entitlement to his wealth should he die!

In all honesty, John is pushing it… he must remember that his wife still feels betrayed by what he did… there’s nothing wrong with building a relationship with his son, but no wife in their right mind will grin and bear the betrayal. #SkeemSaam @bbygalrea

Back to square one. Meikie's about to put everyone who thought they were making progress back to default settings.😂😂 #SkeemSaam

I feel for those who are married to Meiki's kind. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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