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Inno Matijane Causes A Big Stir On Twitter After This Guy Did This To Him || See Why



It has now been few hours since the well-known bootylicious man and digital content creator posted a picture of himself wearing black skinny trousers and a brown coat. This is how bisexual men dress these days and that how they want to dress to fill up their confidence in the way they are. Innocent Malatjane is well known as a TV personality from the show called The Way Ndingakhona.

He displays himself as a person that loves himself and the way he has become with his new look. He is known for loving the way he is without compromising what he loves about himself and this has been his drive ever since he appeared at the Moja Love Tv series.

Today Innocent posted a picture on Facebook using the name Limpopo boy Bujwa of which caught a lot of eyes and attention from the public when he posted a picture of himself. It is well known that social media platforms are made for people to showcase themselves and this is how many people do in their everyday lives.

In the picture above which innocent posted on Facebook, he shared a picture on his other Twitter account using the name inno Malatijane and he exposed a picture of a man who comments on the picture by saying " udhisa team" which means that innocent is making the men's team lose and he ended up posting a picture of the guy asking for his app tens via inbox.

This is where Inno Matijane decided to take things into her hands by doing this on Twitter of which is to expose men who are busy insulting the LGBTI+ organization about their racial comments. This has now been a problem for quite some time and it seems it will not disappear anytime soon as there are a lot of things that must be done for South Africans man to understand the gay culture.

What is your intake on this and why

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