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Dloz'lami: An evil ancestor rapes his sons wife and daughter spiritually

Dloz'lami is a show on Moja Love that airs every Tuesdays. It is hosted by Thembi Nyathi who serves as our medium as well and the objective is to shine light on people's dark situations.

However this week it got very dark and deeply disturbing!

This week we met Tebogo who wrote onto the show because he noticed something sinister in his life after changing his surname to his late fathers. A spirit and something terrifying was roaming around in his home. It turns out the culprit was his own father!

Thembi revealed that the spirit was Tebogo's father who was a rapist in real life and continued to be one in death. He couldn't help but be a predator even to his own daughter-in-law and granddaughter! It was a shocking turn of events! The child was asked to describe the monster but she was too shy to admit the face of the spirit looked like her own father!

Social Media Response

People were shocked and appalled by this episode and its implications.

One shocked user wrote, "Dlozis sexually assaults their children? Wtf?! #Dlozlami"

While another disgusted user wrote, "Tebogos father is raping his wife and daughter spiritually 🤯 Hayini some ancestors are evil mos, this is just so wrong and worrying #dlozlam"

Personal Thoughts

Everything about this episode was disgusting to me. However, finding out that bringing in the spirit of your own biological father can hurt you took the cake. The idea of a rapist being able to infiltrate a peaceful home shouldn't be that foreign. Rape culture began a very long time ago and especially in South Africa where rape is still not completely understood. I hope Thembi was able to protect this child from any more emotional damage.

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Source: Dloz'lami on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

Content created and supplied by: Ndumiee (via Opera News )

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