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Ama Qamata An actress from Gomora reportedly leave the show| See pictures

Ama Qamata, a former actress, has received a farewell from Chris Q. Hadebe.

On Gomora, she portrayed Buhle Ndaba, Thathi Ndaba's daughter. Last week, Buhle was shot and murdered, signaling the end of her career.

Since then, Chris Q has written a touching statement, thanking Ama for her acting abilities.

I moved out of Gomora a few months ago, but my favorite local program is still there, he wrote. So when I saw Buhle's awful, untimely demise on Friday, I was just as moved as the next spectator.

Earlier this year, I passed by the studio's make-up area and observed Ama getting ready for her upcoming scene. I couldn't help but drop over to talk to her because she is one of the most adorable people you'll ever meet. I told her that her departure had ruined all of my plans for season 3 and that I was upset with her for leaving. She apologized with a smile.


Even though I was really angry with her, I said, "I'm inclined to," avoiding eye contact since that smile is so utterly menacing. I adore her so much. " "As soon as I started talking about some of my favorite scenes she was in, I forgot about all the problems that would come up when she left," he wrote.

Anyone who has read one of my scripts would tell you that my dialogue is exceedingly concise. People, as a rule, are very careful about what they say and how they say it, as proven by this situation, so I'm quite deliberate about every single word I write. Even though Buhle is using her mouth to say something else, I'm confident that you can still hear what she is saying. These two amazing performers clearly understand what they are saying, as seen by their performance.


ctVery few actors are as skilled at playing subtext as this amazing young woman. Therefore, despite my sadness at never seeing her on Gomora again, I continue to be a major admirer and am confident that she will achieve great success. You are fantastic, @amaqamata. I feel incredibly honored and incredibly fortunate to have had the chance to work with you. My current strategy is to put in as much effort as I can to give myself another shot. I'll be keeping an eye on things from the sidelines until then, trying not to be envious of whoever is writing for you, he said.

"Shall we play a quick game before I leave? Look over at the horizon for a moment. Do you have a look? Good. Think of all the things you've ever wanted for yourself. Recognize it? Divide it by the entire planet. That's what I hope for you.


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