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Bad Parking Forced MaMkhize To Abondone Her Expensive Car & Walk In The Rain For 2km To Get An Uber

How beautiful that Shawn Mkhize had to feel how it means to be an ordinary person traveling 2 kilometers to get an Uber. For most ordinary people or poor people, 2 kilometers is nothing but a walk over a bridge. They're used in traveling between 15 to 20 kilometers, take note that it's from and to. Now that Mam'Mkhize has tasted their suffering maybe she'll sympathize with them and try to assist in finding out lasting solutions to their problems since her riches come in getting tenders from eThekwini Metro and other places in the province.

The female KZN millionaire was at the event of Zweli Mkhize's son, Dedani. The problem started when MaMkhize had to leave the event, there were a lot of cars that were blocking the glamour queen's car at the parking. As usual, people from township park anyhow because they know that most of them leave events like this one later. There are hundreds of vehicles parked on the roadside and many more blocking the road, making it impossible for her to drive out. MaMkhize and her sister had to leave the car behind and walked a distance in the wet weather before she could access an Uber which could not gain access to Mkhize’s home due to the traffic.

By struggling to exit where she had parked, MaMkhize who was without her bodyguards was heard pleading with those on the road to allow her to drive off, but this fell on deaf ears as those who had blocked the road were at the marquee out of the rain. By their actions, they were showing her that her riches can't buy her space for driving out. The worse part is they did the before her bodyguards.

One of the Mkhize relatives told the publication that attempts to move the cars off the road failed. But after the ceremony was briefly disturbed to ask people to move their cars to allow access to exiting vehicles. Speaking to the Daily News on Sunday, the glamour queen brushed off the matter. She then said despite the bad weather, what mattered the most was the celebration of her little brother’s wedding which was a success.

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