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Imfezemnyama And Ntaba YaseDubai Attacked Each Other On Social Media

There's a war that has been going on between two artists who has been friends and work partners for a long time. 'Sbali' hitmaker Ntaba YaseDubai and Imfezemnyama have not been seeing eye to eye these days as they keep attacking each other on social media.

These two artists have been sharing posts directed to each other, many people have reacted to their posts but most seem to be against this beef. On his Facebook page, Imfezemnyama posted a picture of Ntaba YaseDubai with a caption written :

'Skhinjana, your song would have won crossover song of the year but you decided to mingle with those(izithuphethu) fools and you lost because you are a sthuphethu. Even that 'iJele' singer said i stole his song, I'm the bully here.'

It didnt end there as Ntaba YaseDubai also has responded to this with a post he shared on his Facebook page. This is what Ntaba YaseDubai wrote :

'Oh i have forgotten that you released a whole album 'Nkosi yama dlebe'( King Of Ears). Is that the reason why you don't want me to get booked and taking my gigs? How many times have we performed at events and you never payed me? I've been teaching you many things, i even introduced you to my tune(ushun) which made you gain more love from people. I am surprised that you still have the guts to comment on my post, saying my song is a flop? Aibo! I am warning you. It seems like the muthi that you're being fed with is making you lose it. Even your belly is getting bigger and bigger.'

These two artists have worked together on many songs, 'Maboneng' is one of the hitsongs that was released by these two artists together with rapper Big Zulu. Fans reacted with different opinions towards the posts shared by these artists, with some wanting this beef to be squashed.

Sources : @Intaba YaseDubai NM On Facebook

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