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Talent show on heritage day celebrations

 Young lady by the name of Hilda machete ,ever since finishing matric has vowed to helping out in the community of lephepane.focusing on showcasing talent in her area,she has started a foundation which focus on kids starting from the age of 5-18 girls and boys, poetry', dancing, signing, drawing,morabaraba, joke's and many more.

She is doing most in the community as a way of preventing the kids to not go out there and start smoking whoonga,robbing,three years'back she been hosting talent shows which all of them were successful ,as to where she makes sure parents, neighborhood, friend's, motivation speakers, attend the events cause she is quite sure that there is talent in her kid's,most of them comes from her area soon she is looking forward to have other kids participate from different village's

Hildah Machete after realizing her love for children she then decided to host talent show where by she would teach the kids self-confidence and helping them realize their talents and something they are good at. At an early age children do not tend to realize their talents but they would then realize at a later stage but Hilda promised herself to nature the children's talents. The talent show started last year on heritage and since then the parents of the children loved Hilda's work and decided to support her. For Hilda to host the talent show she asks for donations and help from the parents for it to happen. Just like last year Hilda will be hosting the 3rd talent show on the 25th September.

Looking forward to a successful day

#happy heritage day

Cultural attire.

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