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A slay queen posted a picture saying she was in California but people noticed this

A lot of people love posting pictures on social media because they got to showcase their lifestyles, get a lot of likes and some even get endorsements from it.

Social media has become a day job for most beautiful girls and guys depending on the kind of content they provide. If one is able to attract a lot of attention to themselves then companies may use them for advertisements and they get money in the end.

A lot of people however lie fake lives on social media. They pretend like they are moving from place to place when in fact they hardly go anywhere. A certain slay queen embarrassed herself on social media after she posted a picture of herself standing on a beautiful balcony. The location of the picture was written to be in Los Angeles California.

However upon further investigation and zooming on the picture people noticed a taxi behind her. Normally those kind of taxis are found in South Africa. Still giving her the benefit of doubt another person zoomed in the picture and the car had a GP plate number meaning to say it was in Gauteng Province in South Africa.

The slay queen instantly become a laughing stock and people wondered why she wold go through those lengths to lie. There is nothing wrong with being in South Africa after all. The lie she had intended to tell the world ended up juts humiliating her.

This should be a lesson to all other social media influencers out there. there is nothing wrong in living your normal life and here is really no need to fake a lifestyle. Faking a lifestyle will only humiliate you in the ned and people will stop believing in all the other tings that you will post.

Lies do a lot of damage and for influencers you might end up even loosing on endorsements.

Content created and supplied by: Rumbiekay (via Opera News )



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