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"Gone but not forgotten" Mzansi remembers the 'stocko' girls, See here


Time really flies, its really shocking how something pass and be forgotten like they never existed. South Africa is one of the countries with a lot of drama, as South Africans we never get bored because there is always a lot going on in our country. Even during the worst days for us as country we always find something to keep us entertained on social media, our social media platforms carries a huge place in our lives as thats were we are able to find the entertainment and the interesting stories that is always happening around us. Each and every month there is always something to talk about that either breaks the internet or starts trending and getting a lot if attention from people.

We have seen a lot if people in our country gaining fame overnight and they suddenly disappear from the public eye like they never existed. The stocko girls are the current topic as people took it upon them to remind others about them as it seems the whole country has forgotten them. They broke the internet last year with their dancing video and people don't even remember them, that's giw an overnight fame ends up you might think that its the beginning if new things but everything vanishes in a matter of months. For the stocko girl she tried to keep her fame I've but people got something else to talk about and forgot about her.

One of the social media users took it to their account and shared a photo of the stocko girls with caption "gone but not forgotten". The post got a lot if attention as people remembered how this five girls had their five minutes of fame and we moved past them. Here in South Africa a simple thing can make you trend and for these young girls they never knew that they would end up trending until they saw their video rocking all the social media platforms. Even though their fame did not last long they were able to experience how being a popular person feels like.

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