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Mzansi Is Left Talking After Seeing Sbu's Girlfriend In #GogoSkhotheni Show. Here Is What Mzansi Saw

Mzansi Is Left Talking After Seeing Sbu's Girlfriend In #GogoSkhotheni Show. Here Is What Mzansi Saw

Source: Hashtag #GogoSkhotheni Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode

Mzansi Is Left speechless after seeing Sbu's girlfriend after he said that he is not dating anyone in the last episode of #GogoSkhotheni. Sbu is desperate to date Tumi and he will do anything to be with Tumi.

In this episode we saw Sbu with his girlfriend and his Intentions is to dump his girlfriend because of Tumi. It seems like he is the only one who understands what is happening with Tumi. His Girlfriend is right when she said Tumi and bewitched him. Sbu is no longer worried about the consequences and what's going to happen after wards.

This guy is leaving his girlfriend to be “the second” husband. Viewers is now convinced Gogo did a bit of chemical engineering here.bTumi is paying lobola for Sbu, and his girlfriend was correct, Sbu will be the "wife" , he will also take her surname. Gogo Skhotheni is married using the husband's surname.

Viewers of #gogoskhotheni are not yet happy because of her behavior. Viewers think that she should have just stayed on Facebook, because she is ruining her reputation and people are loosing the respect they had for her.

What is happening in #GogoSkhotheni show is really confusing. Because Gogo Skhotheni is a man then Tumi was suppose to marry a woman who was going to help her not Sbu. Viewers think that #GogoSkhotheni just want to be the first woman in this country to have two husbands and she uses ancestors as an excuse.

Tumi threaten to fed up Monde and now she just said she'd never do that for the wrong reasons. At least she make the story make sense.

Sbu will take Gogo Skhotheni's surname. Which surname is Sbu going to use now, Gogo Skhotheni is using Monde's surname. Which surname do you think he will using.

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