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Divorce Affair

Mapitsi and Leeto to have an affair

#SkeemSaam on Twitter is expecting a hot issue between Tbose's more prepared kin, Leeto, and his soul mate, Mapitsi (Mogau Mothlatswi). 

The pair have been hanging out a great deal since Tbose recognized a bid for work abroad and left his significant other and kid in Turfloop. 


Since it is indistinguishable when the performer, Cornet Mamabolo, who expected the piece of Tbose, will return to the soapie, watchers expect that it is unavoidable until Mapitsi taps out. 

Mapitsi needs her life partner nearby and can not manage the pressures that go with a critical distance relationship forever. 

She and Tbose are at this point young, they just got hitched and need a regular relationship. 

Tbose will similarly get allured to sabotage Mapitsi abroad because he has said one last goodbye to her beforehand and progressed forward with his very own business. 

Leeto is contributing a lot of energy with Mapitsi considering the way that he has not had the choice to date anyone since his division. 

He is moreover contributing more energy at home with Mapitsi and his people since he is helping his mother with her impending starter. 


Mapitsi is at present ruined and offers a house with her sibling by marriage, Leeto who is moreover miserable. 

Leeto (Eric Macheru) would not abstain from selling out his kin by setting down with his life partner in light of the fact that he moreover set down with his friend's soul mate last season. 

He will pursue Mapitsi once he comprehends he's made expressions of warmth for her since he for the most part follows what he needs. 

Mapitsi will excuse him before all else yet will give him a chance when she comprehends that her soul mate isn't returning.

‘Skeem Saam’ Review: Inside Mapitsi and Leeto’s impending affair (

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