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Divorce Affair

Meet Malusi Gigaba 20 years old ex side chick

Malusi Gigaba, the former Finance and Home Affairs Minister, posted an adult-content video that went popular on social media three years ago, and it's still going strong. According to accounts, Cindy Makhathini was 17 when the incident occurred.

At the time of the occurrence, Malusi Gigaba was likewise 17 years old. According to some accounts, after Malusi dumped him out of fear of being found dating a young girl while maintaining the position of a renowned public figure, speculations circulated on the internet that Cindy Makhathini was the one who leaked the video.

Because close sources knew about Cindy Makhathini's relationship, she was accused of being the one who leaked the information. Cindy rose to national prominence as a result of the video and her divorce, and she went on with her life. Malusi's life was turned upside down after the revelation of that heinous film, and he was compelled to resign from his job as Home Affairs Minister.

Cindy's age is thought to be around 20. On her social media profiles, the young lady is always posting photos of herself. Despite the scandal, Cindy has continued to have the time of her life. Cindy took to Instagram to share a photo of herself, looking lovely and flaunting her figure as usual.

Malusi Gigaba has, in my opinion, built his own grave by mingling with underage girls. Before diving into Norma, he should have stayed with his wonderful wife, whom he had divorced. By releasing the footage to the world, Cindy Makhathini damaged all he had worked so hard for.

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