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Something Fishing About Meikie Maputla See Here

Meikie Maputla is on a ton fire at her fundamental In #SkeemSaam 

I don't really accept that Meikie's doing herself value for her approaching primer. She should be key in her battle so she can sway the family members. 

She will be under a ton fire at her fundamental, Bopape gave her a system and she's not using it. Seems like Meikie will not at any point recognize Zamo as John's youngster. Meikie needs to recognize Zamo as John's kid, yes,but we ought not neglect to recall how this kid came to be regardless. The way that she didnt take off from the house and apologized is adequate for me, in the event that she infers it is her business. 

I scorn how John is done with respect to Zamo. She endeavored to accommodate with Kwaito, yet rather John required her to start from scratch with MaNtuli additionally, instead of introductory advance at a time. Meikie isn't allowed to explode and recover, like she shoud recognize everything particularly like dat. 

What hurries to despise Meikie's 's character neglecting to recall that how was managed her by her dearest friend n mate is incredibly horrendous. She is assigned" undesirable and necessities everything to be about herself " they neglect to recall that her best friend set down with her man and had a youngster. 

I think Leeto was right Meikie should just separate from John. There's a great deal of strain. I trust it's the best chance for Meikie to leave John. Obviously they will not at any point concur with respect to Zamo. Neither one of them is bright. They need to surrender regardless ke bona go tswa setopo ka mo ga Maputla. Mantuli where it counts she needs Zamo to secure something from Jonh Maputla yet is terrified of Meiki. Well she was never scared when she cheating regardless of her great confidence. Atleast she payed with the gun shots as of now let Zamo participate in his benefits. 

Joyce is the super person that can deal with Meiki. Leeto has taken on his mother's mindset, he was soo baffled to the incomparable Noah is doing, all he required was bother and more trouble coz dat Meiki likes seeing other in a predicament.

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Meikie Maputla


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