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Minnie Dlamini Jones issued an official statement regarding an allegation of her cheating.

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Minnie Dlamini has promised to make a move against the individual who began the bits of gossip.

Minnie Dlamini has promised to make a move against the individual who began the tales.

Oupa Bopape

She's been moving for two or three days via virtual entertainment. This after a Twitter client posted that the justification for her separation was treachery.

In a joint proclamation with her ex Quinton Jones, they said they know about the bits of gossip and they are false.

"We have been made mindful of different claims with respect to our separation circling via web-based entertainment since yesterday. Without saying considerably more, every one of the charges made are misleading, harming, and pernicious," the assertion peruses.

"Creations of such a harming way are both superfluous and terrible in a matter that is now touchy to us."

The co-guardians say they will be going the legitimate course as the bits of gossip are harming.

"Our common need is to remain companions and co-parent our child."

"We generously ask that you permit us to go through our private cycles without hauling ourselves, our families, and our friends and family into ridiculous tales and web-based entertainment melodrama. These unmerited bits of hearsay influence us, however our youngster."

They will be making a lawful move against the troublemaker of the bits of gossip.

"Considering the idea of the claims made, legitimate move will be initiated against the applicable gatherings."

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