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Zuma says Zondo Commission ignore Brian Molefe and Koko Matshela submissions, see what SA says

The Zondo Commission did no one any good by ignoring some submissions, including those from Brian Molefe and Matshela Koko, to present Ramaphosa as a knight in shining armor, points out Prof Sipho Seepe. 

Sipho is a long time Zuma lover. Not an academic analyst. He has been doing these one-sided analysis from 2005. So, the every allegation's Brain spoke about is what they have been found guilty of in other countries, and you think that isn't a problem?

IOL congratulations on your reporting. We need alternative news reporting and not this fabricated propaganda from mainstream media owned by Cyril's handlers, These two ge conceded that they don't have proof but begged Zondo to go and investigate so Seepe will be soon admitted in hospital for the high blood pressure, Zondo was determined to ensure the report is handed to Ramaphosa, he had to make sure Ramaphosa corruption is cover-up, he made every effort to not investigate serous corruption of billions of Rands, Zondo is not good enough for the safety of South Africa's judiciary. Zondo must explain why those testimonies were not considered, then we must deceive ourselves that there will be prosecution, @StateCaptureCom failed the country is a major way, will put the whole of @ConCourtSA or judiciary in disrepute with all kind of litigation, which small court Judges must rule in CJ favor. 

Someone said on Twitter that, looting commission, Zondo conveniently forgot that Brian had the receipts. Most important, we all watched it live on TV. It's criminal deception, duplicitous or high incompetence. Oh, boy. That's just a phrase to mean Molefe could back up his claim with hard evidence, including testimony under oath. No, no.Brian, under oath, stated that he did not have any evidence. He said his submission to CR is based on a magazine article he had seen. Replay the video, What specific evidence? The evidence we are talking about is that Glencore wanted to avoid paying Eskom money they owed. They also wanted to sell coal at a higher price than regulations allowed through Optimum, which Cyril was the CEO of. They were trying to bully Brian. CR was never a CEO; wrong. He was the board chairman. There were never any regulations for coal sales;wrong again. A chairman does not go around doing what you stated. The CEO and the executive do the daily chores of the business.


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