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HOZ|The Zwides Welcomes Baby Busi While Mampho Blames Shoki For Her Premature Labour.

Mampho has been nothing but trouble since the beginning and she is willing to go an extra to make anything possible for herself. She hit a jackpot when she found out that she is pregnant with Nkosi Zwide's child.

Everything almost came to an end when Nkosi tried to hide the fact that he is the father when DNA results came back. Mampho did not give up until Nkosi came to his senses and the only person standing on her way is Shoki, the girlfriend.

She had a gender reveal party where Shoki almost ruined everything. It got to a point where Nkosi moved out of his home to live with Shoki and keep distance between him and Mampho. Mampho was able to get her back into the house by faking a pregnancy complication. These complications caused Nkosi to fight with his parents, Faith and Funani and find out the truth about where his father was the night his mother and sister died. The news came as a big shock for Nkosi and had Funani question himself as a father.

After long and hard thinking, Nkosi went back home to his family and making peace with Mampho being part of his life forever. Mampho was happy to find Nkosi back home and close to her.

The most scary thing will happen to Mampho that will cause her a premature labour. Mampho and Shoki will have an argument that will result to Mampho falling down the stairs and be rushed to the hospital. She will take time to wake up and Shoki living with guilt that she is the caused of the situation.

Shoki will be shocked to find out that Dorothy knows about the argument but Mampho reveals all once she wakes up. Read teasers below:

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