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Ambitious records a blessing and a curse

Over the years Ambitious records has received massive backlash as they have been accused to explotating young artists.

Despite all this negative backlash one has to appriate the role which the record label has played in nuturing and grooming artists like Emtee, Sjava, Areece and Fifi Cooper these artists have made a names for themselves and their music has dominated the south African music market.

Hence Ambitious can be credited for giving these artists the platform and the spotlight to showcase their talent.

However we can not also ingore the fact the label has been accused taking advantage of artists who most of the times come from poor backgrounds by giving the raw deals.

Most Artists that left the label always cry foul and publicise the explotive nature of the label . Artists like Emtee , Areece and Sjava have pour their hearts out on how they are being denied the right owner their music masters and they also narrate how their funds were mismanaged by the label.

The label to it’s defense pointed out that they deserved to take the lions share of the revenue because they would have invested in the artists' music and welfare . The label highlighted how they take care of their artist during their Twitter war with berch3marc and Areece.

Ambitious published a thread of how they had market bench3marc 's music which failed to gain commercial success . Ambitious records narrated how they funded road tours and paid for the production to the duo's musical projects.

The label denied accusations of the mismanagement of funds and they clarified that they pay their artists' salaries on time .

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