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SKEEM SAM : Mantuli Trends today after this

Mantuli has been in a play for more than 6 years and she has been portraying her characters so good, she has not been good to her children she treaded them very bad and as for them they didn’t have a choice because she was their mother, there were not allowed to make their decision and so on they didn’t even bother making decisions of themselves, they were afraid of them when they come home late they had to be punished, she didn’t want to give them a platform so that they can explain themselves why are they coming back home late. But she had to punish them.

She realized it later that she is being homophonic, she is being tough to her children after Clement almost killed himself thinking that his actions killed her, while she was still alive, The problem started when Clement told her that he is gay and they never accepted him for who he is, but there were just living under one roof while she hasn’t accepted her.

Today Mantuli is trending because she had finally admitted that she made a mistake of not allowing his kids to do what they wanted, she even apologized to Clement and told him that she thought she was going to fall in love with a beautiful girl and thats the reason why she never accepted her sexuality, and she didn’t want pretty to do what she wanted with her body like doing abortion because she thought its very risky and she would die there.

She made an family meeting with her kids so that she can properly ask for forgiveness and that she will never do that again and she had learned from her mistakes.

Everyone was happy on social media that she finally admitted to her mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

The scene has so many compliments on which mantuli was finally apologizing.

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