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The drunk inlove Zodwa WA Bantu gets a tattoo of her Ben 10's name

Zodwa WA Bantu is really inlove with her Ben 10, let's hope it won't end in tears for her. She has put so much in her current relationship and according to her Mpudi Ricardo is the love of her life.

In a video posted by Zodwa on social media, the couple had their lover’s name tattooed on each other; a development received mixed emotions by fans.

“It will end in tears for Zodwa; this thing of permanent marks is not good; love doesn’t last forever,” one fan commented.

Zodwa swept pessimism under the carpet when she revealed that the couple’s collective decision to be tattooed was made from a conscious perspective, and they both agreed always to remember their relationship.

When Zodwa announced her relationship she was accused of taking advantage of young men, regardless of the criticism continued with her relationship.

Forever happiness or ending in tears, Zodwa WaBantu embraces every outcome of her relationship but reveals that she is focused on the present.

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