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Imbewu: It will end in tears for a couple as more drama unfold during Zethu's Memorial service.

Hello everyone welcome back to Sanelyf Channel and thank you so much for tunning in.

It's Zethu's memorial service at Shongololo oil after she throwed herself from rooftop to the ground in the presence of Nkululeko and Fikile. And this is what will happen 

The police will come in the middle of the service and arrest Nkululeko and Fikile, claiming to have other evidence incriminating the couple in Zethu's passing, there is other drama brewing as Zethu's family demands Mepho's custody, which is will be very difficult for Nkululeko to allow, I mean the guy love his son and he can even die for him, but it's will be also difficult for the couple to prove their innocent in Zethu's death. 

On the other side Nkululeko wants to do DNA test for Nokuzola's unborn baby, just to be know if he is the father or not, I don't know why he is so bothered about the baby's paternity, ngoba okusalayo umtwana owakwaBhengu, unless he is ready to tell everyone about the dirty affair he had with his brother's wife Nokuzola.

At the end of the day this is imbewu and its all about the seed,

Do leave your comments below and share your opinions. thank you so much for watching see you on my next upload by. 

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