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Video: Uncle Vinny make it rain fail attempt see how people reacted on the video

There is this style of our media personalities when they are on stage, they will take a large sum of cash and throw it to the crowd and that's called making it rain, it rains cash, paper money. Uncle Vinny also attempted to make it rain, but the reaction from the crowd was a total different reaction.

Uncle Vinny is one of those media personalities that will be trending on social media mostly for the wrong reasons according to reports, with many on social media suggesting that he has let fame get to him and not sure how to handle himself anymore.

Many of his videos that he shares on social media, you can see the reaction to the crowd usually ends disappointment. This time around, it was not different when he tried to make it rain to get the crowd into the mood, but they just do there and watch him no one was picking up any money from the floor.

This was allegedly reported that happened in Ghana. On the video The entertainer was seen counting Ghana cedis and then throw them to the crowd. When some media personalities do this make-it-rain thing, the initial reaction will be that people will scramble to pick up the money, but for Uncle Vinny it was totally different, no one showed interest in picking up any money that he threw to the crowd.

Many social media users have been mocking the young entertainer after this video went viral and many took to the comments section and mocked Uncle Vinny. Some of them alleging that he is embarrassing himself on the video, but how would he have known that the reaction from the people will be like that, if he knew, I'm sure he wouldn't of wasted his time.

To watch the video, click on the source link that has been provided at the bottom of this article and watch it, come back with your reaction on the comment section, and share your own opinions.

Source link: Savanna

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