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Fikile Mbalula Has Been Exposed With His Lies

Fikile Mbalula Has Been Exposed With His Lies

Date: 2021/10/21

Fikile Mbalula was caught lying to the people of Alexandre on National Television by JJ Thabane after the ANC said they will build 1 million houses in Alex, till today not even one house was built in that community.

Mr. Fixit must stop lying like a politician, he should be smart, he could have said we ran out of budget and the pandemic hit they had to go and focus on other things other than houses. JJ Thabane put him in a corner when he was asking hard questions, people saw the interview of them saying they will build houses.

Mr. Fixit cannot fix anything, after all, he is just a talker, he could have worked on the radio and made living selling adverts, now he is a place that is brutal, all these industries want to see the party dead, Julius is getting money from Nigerians to put up big billboards so he can win and sabotage the ANC with the eNCA, which set up JJ Thabane to do that to him. When these politicians go to MacGs podcast he will also press them even harder, but they paid then it is unfortunate we will get the side of the story they want to show to us.

The ruling party is broken, they need new fresh blood because that interview is making them look stupid, all these guys are against them, shrinking the SABC was the worst mistake Ramaphosa has ever done, this country is run by the government not the private institutions, they let big monopolies take this country to the dirt by busy making the government smaller. We have to come up with ways that work for everyone, not a socialist system that will not work.


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