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Vusi Nova Is Rebranding. He Is No Longer Even Vusi Nova, He Is Snova Now. See What He Said Below

So this is what Vusi Nova had been preparing his fans for, now it all just makes sense. It seems like all the trolling was worth it after all.

Vusi was in almost every headline when he first debuted waves oh his hair. Many people were shocked of the new look, it was mainly because it was getting hard to recognize him. Some people were even confusing him with Usher. Just when they thought they are getting used to the waves, Vusi started wearing a curly wig which made him a completely different person. As much as people were trolling him on every post, Vusi really didn't seem to care he was just enjoying his look more abd more as days went.

Well it looks like he was preparing for this big moment. Vusi is dripping this Friday and guess what, he will not be dropping as vusi but as Snova. Don't you just love it?

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