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Instagram Model Ready To Sue Drake

In a time when it seems everyone is looking for a come up or their fifteen minutes of fame. Celebrities have to be on the lookout for potential users and clout chasers. From the looks of it Drake isn't letting anyone get over on him.

The internet is buzzing over a somewhat bizarre and unconfirmed rumor about the Canadian rapper. Allegedly Drake shared an intimate moment with an Instagram model he met over the social media platform at a hotel a few weeks ago and things got a little spicy.

Reports say they used protection and that after they were finished, he discarded the used protection into the trash. It appears the model may have had ulterior motives.

Reportedly, she proceeded to fish the protection out of the garbage, untied it and attempted to insert the contents into her lady parts, presumably to impregnate herself and potentially extort the musician for child support money.

However, she was in for a rude awakening when she discovered something else was inside of the used protection.

Drake reportedly admitted that he put a packet of hot sauce into the protection to kill the contents. The alleged sauce was hot, and the model apparently said it felt like she had poured "hot lava" into her lady part. The rumours began surfacing on the gossip Instagram account of what allegedly took place.

Well I think that Drake is very smart for looking out for himself,or else he would have children all over the world, just because women want child support.

Source: Instagram

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