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After he allegedly did this to a 14-year-old girl in #Lekunutu, Mzansi called for his arrest.

The youngsters involved in a maintenance dispute are being identified on a show called #Lekunutu airing on DSTV's Moja Love 157 channel. The purpose of the show is to encourage viewers to share long-held, deeply personal secrets. People write in every week wanting to find out if they can get DNA tested to find out if their biological father is the man they think he is. Many people have benefited from #Lekunutu. 

People in Mzansi are demanding that he be arrested for having sexual relations with a minor girl. If the girl is just 14, he should be arrested for having sexual relations with a minor and causing her to become pregnant. 

In the latest episode of #lekunutu, we meet a woman who, many years later, has come forward to reveal the identity of the child's biological father. The news that this girl, then just 14 years old, had multiple boyfriends devastated Mzansi. 

It's especially important for parents to be open and honest with their children about matters of this nature. There is no way a child would want to grow up not knowing his or her biological father. Sometimes parents are dishonest with us when it comes to telling the truth. Parents cheat their children by using their age as a cover. 

People in South Africa are reluctant to fork up their own money to cover the cost of DNA testing. They wrote to #Lekunutu asking for help with DNA since they feel it is too costly. 

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