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3 members of the Chepi-Chepi lifestyle from Limpopo took a beautiful picture together

Three members of the Chepi Chepi lifestyle from Limpopo meet after a long time. Skomota, Moruti Gucci and Leisa La Maisa. They have not been together in one place because, with Leisa, he is no longer based in Limpopo. One of their members said that he was selected as the chairperson of the group lifestyle, but then he does not come back home, and that is not good.

Now he has made it possible to meet the other members of the group. These people are not against anyone, but rather preach a good lifestyle that includes having good times and wearing expensive clothes. They have been receiving criticism as much as they are being loved. They are not only showing off, but encouraging other people to also wear beautiful and expensive clothes like them.

Since he was seen at The River TV show, he has been away from Limpopo and not meeting with his fellows from the lifestyle that they have pushed very hard. It is not easy because they had to keep consistency with what they had started from the beginning. It is good for them to keep in touch and both of them are having a different breakthrough.

People did did not know who Leisa was because he did not want to show his face. He used to flex a lot in expensive clothes, but he is no longer doing it. With Moruti Gucci, he has been flexing since the start and he is still showing off. Apparently, with Skomota, he rose to fame with a huge cheque he had. But, as of 2022, he is no longer flexing and singing like he used to.

People have accused the Chepi Chepi members of eating Skomota's money, and now he is no longer on the same level. He is no longer seen having to live the flashy lifestyle, but it is good that they are not living apart. He has been one of them, and it will be good to keep him in their group and help him wherever he needs help or for upliftment. Friends like that are rare because when you are broke, they leave you for new friends.

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