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MacG has got viewers talking after this has happened



MacG might have caused a huge drama that has got the likes of Mihlali lashing him with words during the weekend, but some of the words have been thanking that performance because the number of viewers, who are watching the show has been increased since this topic started.

But there's a lot of talk about this issue because MacG did not stop provoking these ladies to live on the show, which turn them angry and felt like they are not treated well in this country, and think that MacG is jealous of their success which is something that many people were concerned about.

But with a lot of activities happening in this country people still think that these ladies have done this thing, because there are plenty of women who uses man to help them in reaching their goal, others are using them as a source of income so that they can get money.

MacG also did make a joke that maybe he should also be a lady so that he can sleep his way to the top, because most ladies in this in this industry see doing that while most guys are trying to work hard every day so they can get money.

It looks like MacG has become any number 1 of most ladies in this country but he has something to celebrate, after getting more viewership on his show that is starting g to do well this days, and maybe we might see the likes of Mihlali on the show one day.

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