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Faith Nketsi retires from Rap music

Faith Nketsi have just retired from playing rap music, fans says it's a good move since they don't know any single song from here.

Now social media fans came out to attack her and they says she was just playing trash hip hop, she should have taken that decision long time ago.

Some of her fans says she was just wasting her time since she was only booked to few events that didn't even add some impact in her musical career.

Faith didn't reply to any of criticism and questions that she was asked on her Twitter account, Sdumo says maybe she's stil busy with her final, last album.

Some of her loyal fans says people should just stay out of faith business, she's making good music for people she loves and people who loves her, surely she can't be everyone's favorite when it comes to music because we love different melodies and vocals.

I for one, i was shocked when I hear that she decided to stay out of rap music, i have known for for quit a long time and I just happened to meet up with her in person 2 years back.

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