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Twitter slams the HR person who judged the dresscode of his interviewees.

Twitter came together this morning to collectively drag an HR person who took to his own account to berate thirty candidates who had come to the interview not appropriately dressed for the occasion.

The general consensus seemed to be that people come for interviews and not their clothes

User @Dr_Candid took to twitter to discuss his interview process, writing, "I've invited 35 people for an interview yesterday. Only 5 came dressed properly, 30 came in sneakers, Jean to Jean, t-shirts and sandals. Mokopane really devastated me"

His tweet was met with immediate backlash as people came to the defense of the unnamed people. It makes sense that in today's times, it wouldn't be easy to afford clothing of Dr. Candid's calibre and Tweeps did not miss out on an opportunity to let him know.

We don't know people's backgrounds and whether or not they are able to afford certain items. We should be judging capabilities and experience and nothing else. In this day and age who is still belittling people based on their clothing?

Social Media Opinion

One user discussed the realities of the unemployed people of South Africans, writing, "There are families that are very poor and some of us borrowed clothes when going for the first interview and it was embarrassing.I usually advocate for such candidates during interviews because I know if they have formal or proper clothes they would wear them. Change needed"

While another sensibly wrote, "The problem is not the candidate but your organization's failure to advance & trying to enforce outdated corporate office norms. This is one of the many toxic traits that still exist in cooperate SA. You even go on to say "Company Values", how do clothes relate to values? Sies!"

Personal Thoughts

I think the idea of "workplace dresscode" is rooted in white supremacy. The idea that people's hair that grows out of their head is inappropriate, that it is unprofessional. All these ideas come from the same source. I remember when I was still in school these same ideas were enforced. We couldn't do certain hairstyles and the black boys couldn't have long hair yet the white boys were allowed to. It was completely unfair.

We need to let go of one stringent form of professionalism especially in this new age era we are living in. There are many forms of expression and sticking only to one is never good.

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