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CheckOut 3 Popular Actress/Actors Who Are No Longer Active In Acting Movies (See PICS)

3 Popular Actress/Actors Who Are No Longer Active In Acting Movies (See Photos)

If you love channel 152 and 154 in dstv you would have seen that there are other Nollywood actress and actors has not been shooting films in a while. Nollywood has grown to become one of the biggest movie industries in the world. It has many talented actress and actors who are not in acting anymore. Nollywood has created a great deal of stars, large numbers of which are at this point not dynamic in motion pictures. Numerous Nollywood stars have gone back and forth leading to forthcoming craftsmen to exhibit their gifts in acting. in acting.

1. Hanks Anuku

It been a while while we have nit seen Hanks in acting. Since disappearing from our screens, Hanks in 2019, registered his film academy with the name “Henk Anuku Film Academy”. According to the source it was revealed that Hollywood actor Hanks Anuku has quit acting for some time now and is currently living a private life in Ghana with his family. Back in the days, Hanks Anuku was described as one of the bad boys of Nollywood due to his active roles in movies. Unfortunately, Hanks Anuku is no longer active in the Nigerian movie industry.

3. Emeka Ike

Another Nollywood actor who has stopped acting is Emeka Ike. According to the source Emeka Ike speaking to the Box Office about his neing absence grom acting. According to the source this is what he said:

I have stopped acting for a while now because the industry has lost its salt. The actors were putting some acts that were annoying me. I acted in Nigerian movies with a Nigerian accent, but other countries shouldn't come here and want to change our accent. When I see my colleagues forming fake accents, I always wonder, "What's wrong with this one?" If you're an Indian, you do it like the Indians, likewise other countries. I must tell you, I am too busy for that. So I got myself busy with other better things than living fake Nollywood life. He said.

During the early days of the Nigerian movie industry, Emeka Ike was among the hottest stars back then. He was often described as a romantic actor. But recently, the 54 years old actor has withdrawn from his roles in Nollywood.

4. Nkiru Sylvanus

Nkiru Sylvanus has been in the Nigerian movie industry for more than two decade. She has featured in over two hundred movies and won the awards for Best Actress of the Year at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards and Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards. During her early days in Nollywood, she was one of the most sought after actresses. But recently, the actress is no longer prominent in movies.

Accirsing to the source here there was a rumours that the actress has come back to acting after quitting acting for many years. Those who love her would be happy to know that Actress Nkiru Sylvanus Storms Back to Nollywood.

Which of these Nollywood stars is your favorite? Leave your thoughts on the comment section below.

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